The Pirates Lair concept started with Ken Miller's employment at Grinder's Fremantle, a T-shirt outlet, during the 1987 America's Cup. Since then he has attended or been involved with every America's Cup, positioning The Pirates Lair as the printed apparel supplier for America True in 2000 and Oracle Racing until Henri Lloyd was signed as sponsor. Other clients of note are: Key West Race Week, I-14 World Championships, Thistle Nationals, Laser North Americans, North Sail Race Week and St. Francis Yacht Club Big Boat Series. The Pirates Lair supplies gear and marketing services to several championship events per year and dozens of local club events spanning the United States. Since 1999 the company has produced over 500,000 pieces of regatta-specific printed apparel. This number is climbing steadily each year with a projected total for 2008 alone of 100,000 pieces. Ken has a love for sailing and has brought together a professional crew to work with The Pirates Lair.

Michael Brown is our Art Director. He has been producing top quality graphic design for about 18 years. He loves working in advertising and marketing, producing ads and other collateral material for newspapers and publications. Company materials including The PGA Nike Tour and BMW have his mark on them, as well as hundreds of regattas across the US. While working with The Pirates Lair, Michael has ably combined his passion for sailing with his expertise in design. A sailor most of his life, he is an avid racer in both the Thistle and Etchells one-design classes. A passion for sailing drives an ability to produce dynamic, effective and desirable designs for countless regattas, teams and organizations. He directs a team of four independent designers.

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